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Alloy 625, Tabla 0.5x1000x1090mmAlloy 400, bara, ø 6.35mm, L=1000mmALLOY 600, bara, ø=16mm, L=3300 mmALLOY 600, teava, ø=21.3x2.77mm, L=1000mmTITAN Gr2, tabla, 2X250X1500mmTITAN Gr2, tabla, 3x1000x1000mmTITAN Gr2, tabla, 4x500x500mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=5mm, L=200mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=10mm, L=500mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=10mm, L=2170mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=20mm, L=1000mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=25, L=500mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=30, L=465mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=40mm, L=500mmTITAN Gr2, bara, ø=60mm, L=1100mmTITAN Gr5 bara, ø=6mm, L=2000mmTITAN Gr5, bara, ø=10mm, L=3000mmTITAN Gr5, bara, ø=25mm, L=3000mmSarma sudura MIG SF 825 ø=1.2mmBaghete sudura TITANIUM AWS GR2, ø3x1000mm